Didn't you always want to get locked into a castle in the middle of nowhere, with nothing but your Laptop, an internet line and some drinks? Focus entirely on what's ahead of and make a big achievement together with your team. Now is your chance!

The Application or Partnership is now possible!

T3UXW09 stands for TYPO3 User eXperience Week 2009 and is aimed at one thing, and one thing only Making the TYPO3 usability better. Apply now to be on the team as a coder, designer or manager and convince your boss to sponsor you. If you can't make it yourself, please consider sponsoring someone else to come.

What? Improve TYPO3 user experience
When? 14th - 21st of November
Where? A beautiful castle in the green heart of Germany
Who? Only 30 selected experts get the privilege to attend

30 people, one week, one goal. Improving the usability of TYPO3 and getting rid of some longterm glitches in the backend. Now we need you!


Want to support this important TYPO3 project? Can't attend yourself but want to support the project monetarily? We need your help now!


You could help T3UXW09 now, by reporting usability issues to Forge. Open up an issue in the tracker and describe your point detailed with a screenshot.


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The T3UXW09 event organizers

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