What is the T3UXW09 all about?

Focus on improvements

The TYPO3 User Experience Week is initiated to finish the so called "last 20% of the backend". Parts of the work to be done comprise cleanup, getting rid of inconsistencies and redundancies, realising existing visions and creating new ones. UX details that have been introduced already like i.e. grouping, shades, icons, contrast, will be finished . We will try to identify and solve more issues. Last but not least we will work on a new skin that already fits version 5.

Focus on users

TYPO3 has always been focused on technical aspects and scalability. Now the time has come to complete all this with usability and simplicity. This week is totally focused on pushing usability to the next level. It will be a week of collaboration. A plan will be developed that will be representative and at the end of the week the results will be presented on stage.

Focus on team spirit

The week is scheduled from saturday 14th until saturday the 21st of November. A group of 30 people will work together intensly for a whole week. Food and shelter will be provided. 20% of the group will be User Experience (UX)/User Interface (UI) designers, 70% will be developers and we need like 10% nerd managers to guarantee some results. Each team will get a teamleader who will take care that certain goals are met in time.
Participants should have ample experience with TYPO3, programming according to latest paradigms and extJS. Nerd managers will have to have some experience like  leading a company. UX/UI designers need to show some of their work in order to qualify. Teams of 5 to 6 participants will be formed that work on specific subjects. A jury will decide on who participates.

Focus on experts

A jury consisting of members of the HCI team, the core team and the TYPO3 association, will select the volunteers. Of course we also have a number of folks on the radar ourselves that are known to have contributed to usability and we will definitely not wait for them to volunteer. The real novelty is, that we also target designers and project managers. This gives companies a chance to also get into TYPO3 on another level than before.

30 experts
1 week
1 goal

all for TYPO3!

14th - 21st November


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