This project needs your help!

TYPO3 is already a great tool, we can all agree on that, but still has some usability problems, we often speak about.

The goal of the T3UXW09 (TYPO3 User eXperience Week 2009) is to change this once and for all. To achieve this a plan was forged in a secret room that 30 developers, nerd managers and designers will be locked away in a hidden castle for a whole week to work on the most urgent issues we know of.

To put this plan into action we now need both participants and supporters who will help us to cover its costs.

Learn more about the costs and how you can become a supporter.

Make the project reality.

We need your help and are looking forward to working with you - please take on a partnership now!

The 3 ways of support

    There are 3 different ways to support the project:

    • Send your staff and also sponsor them
    • Just send one or more of your employees
    • Just take on one or more partnerships

    Learn more about the 3 ways of support.

    Your benefits

    Besides making TYPO3 better, you will get following benefits:

    • Certificate of being an official TYPO3 Usability supporter
    • A Banner with direct link at this official TYPO3 page
    • Official announcement as Sponsor of the Event in the podcast about the results with a list of all
      improvements and their patroness
    • Official announcement as Sponsor on
      the final news at with link

    And please keep in mind, that your partnership will be
    a great motivation for the developers and designers.

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    The T3UXW09 event organizers

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