Timeline & Tasks

Here you can find the Timeline and some possible tasks for T3UXW09.


01.10.2009, 09:00 - The application started
28.10.2009, 23:59 - The application ends (automatically)
02.11.2009, 15:00 - Release of the participant list

14.11.2009, 13:00 - Start of T3UXW09
21.11.2009, 16:00 - End of T3UXW09

Possible tasks

Suggest a new task for T3UXW09 via Forge.
To get a valid ticket for the usability forge issue tracker, please attach an image and a simple description of the solution for the issue!
(The T3UXW09 Team will continuously add tasks here until the event starts.)


  • Remove redundant features
  • Set better defaults (Out of the box behaviour)
  • Technical wording issues


  • Replace all unreplaced icons
  • Styling of forms
  • ExtJS templating

Pure Coding

  • Real groups for shortcuts
  • Search through pagetree
  • Cleanup backend CSS


  • Create new backend skin
  • Create replacement icons for unfinished & inconsistent icons (eg: #3464, #3384)
  • Create missing icons

Medium Tasks

  • Direct new page wizard
  • Consitent doc-headers & BTN styles
  • Search and option fields
  • Implement quick user settings, remove inline options
  • Finish the message system topic #3609
  • IRRE without reload issue / TYPO3 reload issue
  • Workspace UI selectbox wording issue

Bigger Tasks

  • Reinvent workspaces UI
  • Reinvent history UI
  • Reinvent TYPO3 Installer #3606
  • Reinvent page module
    (eg: Merge TemplaVoilá + KB Shop + Classic)
  • Reinvent language handling
  • Build fundaments for real skinning
    (No hardcodings, no redundancy, no CSS)
  • Style tabs as tabs
  • Reorder objects in tabs

Citation T3UXW09 godparents (Order by amount and submission date)

The T3UXW09 event organizers

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