Three possible ways of supporting the T3UXW09 event

1. Send your staff and also sponsor them

If you are a company providing TYPO3 services you will have either developers, project managers (we call them nerd managers) or maybe designers in your team - please send one or more of your best guys to the T3UXW09 and take the partnership for them. In this case we don't need to find a partner for your guys so that will be the greatest help for us and the TYPO3 project.

2. Just send one or more of your employees

If you can afford to spare your guys for a week, but don't feel comfortable paying for their absence as well, we will try to find a sponsor for them. It still helps a lot.

3. Just take on one or more partnerships

If you can't send participants to the T3UXW09 but still want to support the TYPO3 project and the usability improvements, you should think about taking on a partnership for one or more of the participants. Each partnership costs only 750 Euro.

Make the project reality.

We need your help and are looking forward to working with you - please take on a partnership now!

Citation T3UXW09 godparents (Order by amount and submission date)

The T3UXW09 event organizers

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