Talking about costs

First of all: We have to say that we are very happy because ..

  • A: We don't need to pay the participants at all
  • B: We don't need to pay the hotel
    (thanks to the TYPO3 Association).

.. but we still need to feed the guys and cover their travel expenses to the venue. Furthermore we will organise some social events, such as a BBQ to keep the spirit high and productivity even higher.


Alltogether we are facing costs of approximately 22,500 Euro which need to be covered.

So we did a quite simple calculation:

  • We have 30 participants.
  • 22,500 Euro divided by 30 equals 750 EUR.

Meaning: every participant needs to be sponsored with 750 Euro. This is where you come in...  

Make the project reality.

We need your help and are looking forward to working with you - please take on a partnership now!

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The T3UXW09 event organizers

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